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 Alien invasion programming 
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Public Notice was given on June 26th, 2011 in the Opening Ceremony of the Women's Soccer World Cup before the game Germany - Canada.

The stadium has an opening to the east. In a short distance in a straight line there is a structure called "The Bell Tower of the Olympic Stadium".


"Bells" being "Glocken" in germany which is slang for testicles. It's an erect phallus just like an egyptian obelisk and his balls are in it's name. So symbolically from this direction an actor on the stage inside the stadium kicks a ball (semen) onto the game field. The opening in the stadium symbolizes a vagina and the stadium itself a womb.





As soon as the soccer ball is on the field the actors in the middle of the stadium pull down the Earth surface from a massive silver sphere (= moon = the deceiver that shines only through the sun's light ... greetings from Isis). The Sphere opens at the top and some thousand ballons are released into the sky. They are supposed to look like a classic Adidas Telstar soccer ball (the classic black and white one with 12 black pentagonal panels and 20 white hexagonal panels).

But these ballons have only 3 black pentagonal shapes arranged on it's sides. So whenever you look at the floating ballons you see a maximum of 2 black panels.








It's beautiful. Don't mistake that for admiration. But one has to admit they know how to put up a great and secret show. Under the Earth's surface they show you that it is completely under the moon's spell (meaning: their system) and from inside the Earth the aliens come out (meaning: it's our show - we made that stuff up).

Here's the video of the opening ceremony.



Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:33 am
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Disney preprogramming (1994-5?):
Could this programming also be promoting:
•new ride in Tomorrow land called Alien Encounter (great marketing strategy)
•the idea that there will be an ‘inevitable’ encounter..hmmm...):
•an acceptance of the ‘inevitable’

Several years ago, the Disney company aired a major one-hour television Special, with no advance notice, on stations in only 5 US cities.Thanks to a few viewers who were able to roll their VCRs and capture it, we have a record of the startling quotes and statements it contained. In light of the current, purported 'rift' between Disney and NASA over the content of Disney's new film, "Mission To Mars", I thought it pertinent to revisit those quotes...

Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:56 am
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Was going to put this on the alien/lucky star/madonna thread but it might fit here better.

There has been a lot of alien movies already noted:

New video out called Battleship comes to mind as well that synchs a bit with the 1984 Olympic space ship.

Dr. Karla Turner, an alleged abductee and researcher on alien abduction gives this very believable talk. The fact that she died right after this (from fast moving cancer) reminds me of Rik Clay a bit as he died right after giving his 'Olympic' presentation: ... PIKN7eQhU#! ... ure=relmfu ... ure=relmfu ... ure=relmfu

This kind of sums up: ... ure=relmfu

"if they can control and manipulate the way we think, the things we see, and how we emotionally respond, they don’t need weapons”

'NO room for fantasy in our thinking'....Dr. Karla Turner

Some notes discussed in above videos:
#3-perception of pain and pleasure and emotions can be controlled by these alien abduction events
#4-false memory and false scenarios created through hypnotic process-need perception of truth to see through this
#5-alien-controlled info given by abductees (illusions, false perceptions may not reflect what is really happening)
#6-military involvement
#7-goes beyond cross breeding program- eg. Implants in various parts of body, Injections, brain manipulation, pain/pleasure response experimentation, water breathing procedures, force-feeding of various liquids, forced sexual activities (grey/nordic/etc), cloned creatures (humans/greys etc.)
#8-long-term psychological effects
#9-virtual reality capabilities confirmed (tells story in detail at end of video #4 and beginning of #5)
#10-unusual interest in human soul-(soul recycling ball)-little black box (reminds me of black cube hmmmm...)

The late Dr. Karla Turner speaking in 1995 shortly before her death
Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers.

From comments (from 1st video):
Dr. Karla Turner... one of a very few that had spoken out on the Alien and Military combinations regarding on what they are really all about. ... The prime directive of the alien and military complex situation is one of pure evil to its core. ... A true pioneer
The military builds their bases next to all the sacred sites / grid nodes, because it is primarily a satanic organisation. By satanic read Ahrimanic, and see info such as in the book The Cosmic Pulse of Life. The war economy is a deliberate perversion of heaven and god. They could haul out an aura-viewing machine on one TV show and silence every idiot denying there's an aether or a soul.

Comment from 6th video:

"if they can control and manipulate the way we think, the things we see, and how we emotionaly respond, they dont need weapons"

she just described the whole illusion of false reality, politics, television, celebrities, this is IT! she was on to something here people, think about it, maybe its bigger then we think, maybe they are working WITH the goverment, and so the few "ELITE?" are chosen by the€ "GODS", given knowledge, power, and control

and in exchange they keep humanity DUMB !

Mon May 21, 2012 6:15 pm
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