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 Black Goo Lives Matter 
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What's the 1st thing that pops into your head? Starting...NOW! GO! :teleport:

Sun Jun 26, 2016 7:37 pm
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Best I can do. Hope this helps!




:love: :teleport: :twisted: :teleport: :love:

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Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:09 pm
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Omg,'re funny as hell! :lol :twisted:

Good times, Jack...Good times, Jill! Let's take a ROLL in the...HEY...wait a minute...why are we going downhill already?

Was it LOVE at 1st sight?...Or was it EVOL? "WE" never should'a happened...But it just MUTATED into this...this...THING!


Pretty sure BREXIT's going to be the end of US! This is the end of our Union, Jack! Here's looking at EU kid!

After the unfortunate "Panspermia" incident, she was KNOCKED-UP a peg or two!

If Satan's a DICK.
And God's HOLeY.
Then everything in-between O and 1 is just pure ETHER!

"Takin all I have to take, this take is gonna shape me.

And the doctor says he don't know where we're gonna go
I'm a ghost and I don't think I quite know where we're gonna go"

It can go ETHER way!

Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:59 pm
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jennyburger wrote:

Fucking :lol Can I go first?

Have a poptart.

I know where I am. I just don't know where that is. ;-)

The criminal in me is...well...criminal. But, not like in a bad way. I know how to spell reel guud, I just do a damn poor job in properly and accurately representing such talents that I possess typographically under circumstantial type situations that either do or do not include some sort duress. So yeah...bad...just...all fucking bad. I'm all bad.

Number 13 baby. I AM...Lucky13. I mean, I have other lucky numbers like 11 and 15. But 13 is right in the fucking middle of those and I'm very unlucky but still like very lucky to be unlucky. So yeah. OH! and also 7 & 8. So in summation, we are looking at 7, 8, 11, 13, 15. Yeah. And worse of all, numerology tells me that my name adds up to an 11 which is supposedly like really rare and means you are universally really fucked. But, I already knew that so...FUCK IT! :lol

Sometimes things jus don make no sense. Makes perfect sense to me!

Image love West's like...destiny that was destined to be destiination unknown in my destiny next week. Say...that reminds me...isn't there a town in Florida named Destin? There is? Huh how bout that. I am not Destined for there. LoL

Really...I'm not that scary. I mean fucking everybody thinks that I am scary. But I don't think I'm scary. I just have a face that is very challenging to look at with a demeanor and personality that matches perfectly with that look.
:twisted: :teleport: :love: :teleport: :twisted:

And all alone down here...something for you.
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Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:56 am
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Okay...I've already screwed this up! The gases are getting to all of us!! Feelin a lil loopy...but I'll try to keep it together, now.

A while back, I promised some of my thoughts on the BP Oil "spill" and the growing impact of methane in our well as the impact of Synthia's release in 2010 in response to the "spill". Well, it's going to take me a minute to get there...but here we go:

"Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark,
for the straightforward pathway had been lost."
~Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy

First, let's get our terms under control. Language, as always, is a huge factor, here! I highly recommend this video, The Divine Comedy, by Chiron Last.

Jumpin Jack Flash...It's just a GAS-GAS-GAS!

These days, it's not by coincidence that NOAA's Nautilus ship spends its summers documenting methane seeps and hydrothermal vents/mats. Usually, the ship has enough work to maintain in the Gulf of Mexico...but this summer (2016), the Canadian government is flipping the bill for Nautilus to document thermal vents along the floor of the Juan de Fuca Plate. NautilusLiveCam

Here's a short example of what they found in their GISR (Gulf Integrated Spill Response) Expedition in 2015. Watch the entire thing...especially toward the end, where you'll see pieces of frozen methane hydrate break off and spin upward toward a path of least resistance, also exposing petroleum goo! It's so cool to watch! :shock: The white mats shimmer like diamonds and the black is REALLY black!
Explosive Methane Burst and Bubble Streams | Nautilus Live

As I mentioned in the previous post, the 2 main branches on the Tree of Life are Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. Under Prokaryotes, are Archaea bacteria and/or viruses...single-celled organisms. The Latin term for "Archaea" means "Ancient Ones."

Above, you can see, some Archaea are methanogens...which means, as methane bubbles exist the seafloor, it's consumed by these microbes to make more carbonate (more methane) and a symbiotic relationship ensues. Naturally, these also means, the more methane consumed...the more methane carbonate is released...a feedback loop known as Serpentinization.

OIL is ABIOTIC in this way! It is NOT a "fossil fuel" contrary to popular belief!
Oil is Not a Fossil Fuel! The Real Science of Abiotic Oil and Serpentinization

Back for more later!

Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:03 pm
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Black Oil/Goo from the X-Files


also we have 2 threads here on the BP Spill in case you haven't read them, and would like to.

Deepwater Horizon and Event Horizon

BP oil spill and the Queen and Egyptian gods and 4/20

Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:27 pm
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also... from black cube thread:
teosty wrote:
Eric Prydz VS CHVRCHES - Tether (Official Video)

Published on Feb 19, 2015

This ties in with the whole programmable matter synchs as well which you can view in that series i posted in my last post on the great conjunction thread.
Black Goo/Programmable matter series


Black Goo & Programmable Matter | Part 1 - In the Media (2015)


Amityville Horror
Creepshow 2
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
The Fifth Element
Event Horizon
Matrix - 1999
Final Fantasy: Advent Children
Dark Water
Spiderman 3
Quantum of Solace
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Distract 9
Jennifer's Body
Beyond the Black Rainbow
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Possession
John Dies at the End
Under the Skin
Transformers 4
Big Hero 6
The Babadook
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Lazarus Effect
Insidious III
Terminator: Genisys

Star Trek: Next Generation - Skin of Evil
Batman Beyond - Inque
Spiderman Unlimited
Smallville - Brainiac
Teen Wolf
Agents of Shield
The Returned

Busta Rhymes feat Janet Jackson
Tech N9ne - Seepage
Christina Aguilara - Bionic
Doda - Bad Girls
Azelia Banks - Chasing Time
Eric Prydz - Tether
MercyMe - Flawless

Honda Hybrid
Verizon Wireless - Droid DNA
Lady Gaga - Fame
Don Perignon
Madonna - MDNA
Kraken Black Spiced Rum
Real Cost - 7000 Chemicals
Shell V-Power Nitro

Kingdom Hearts
World of Goo
Alice: Madness Returns
The Secret World
Assassins Creed: Black Flag
Gray Goo
Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Honorable Mentions:
The Blob
The Stuff
Night of the Creeps
Ghostbusters 2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Cube 2: Hypercube
Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense: Child's Play
Reboot - Nullzilla
Samurai Jack - Aku
Lost - Smoke Monster
Under the Dome
Spongebob: It Came from Goo Lagoon


In case the above vid disappears:
...Black Goo Gold Project-Programmable Matter

More black goo vids:

Also...from comments somewhere....:
As far as the black goo, so illuminati, movies being a sign of the times. we are living in a dystopian world at this point. All are related: smart dust, nano, morgellons etc. I picked up on several things in the first part, most notably around minute 19, he says “silent weapon for a quiet war”,—>

Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:40 pm
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Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:06 pm
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Thanks CS and Lite for the links! :-)

Hi Cade! Glad to see we both appreciate good music! ^^Love that song by Fitz and the Tantrums! :love:

I HOPE that means you think I'm on the right track? Then again, I wouldn't blame you if you're wondering where I'm heading with this thread...and I'll be the 1st to admit...sometimes I binge and purge on synchronicity. I'm a closet-sychro-bulimiac of sorts. < "bulimiac" a word? No, I don't think it is...but "Normalcy" wasn't a word until it was coined by Pres. Warren Harding. mouse is out of batteries and it's taking too long to use my keyboard mouse. LAZY...there we go...there's a great adjective that pretty much describes me in a nutshell! :P

************************************** more funny business! Someone's got to record this stuff for posterity's sake and it's not going to write itself.

Interesting timing, this discussion...because a new movie called, "Deepwater Horizon" is coming to IMAX Theaters in September (30th, to be exact). EYEMAX...seeing is believing. Won't it be just like being there when the rig exploded? That's plain morbid!

Deepwater Horizon (2016) Official Movie Trailer – ‘Heroes’

Also interesting, of course, that the Pulse nightclub "shooter" was it a BP Oil spill documentary! These false flag events always have a way of aligning perfectly with upcoming books, albums, and/or movies. Keep your eyes out for more possible connections over the next couple of months. :shock:

I'll be back [hopefully] tomorrow! Chow for now! ;-)

Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:28 am
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black slime.jpg
black slime.jpg [ 25.57 KiB | Viewed 2084 times ]
"The Black Slime" by Susan Stringer [Horror] [Dead Men Tell No Tales] :lol

Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:35 pm
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