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 Off to the jungle 
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Going to do a 15 days dieta for healing together with Shinzhi Rumi and his mother. We had a ceremony with two shamans we met on the road yesterday, and they were very good, spotted some energetic leaks within my stomach, which has been the reason why I've been so damn tired and low on energy, sleeping up to 12h/night.
This time, we've met true indigenous healers, full of ancient wisdom.
Looking forward to see the results. Please behave while I'm gone! :-)

Uh, yeah.. They confirmed that the banking system is about to collapse within time..

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Wed May 26, 2010 12:13 am
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Joined: Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:24 pm
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Location: Hudiksvall, Sweden
So, the 15 days of healing ceremonies are over. I feel like a new man, so much more relaxed, and balanced. Even gained some weight..
Odd things have been going on lately. Two people have died during our retreat, one child and one old woman. Death/rebirth seems to be the theme of my life..
On the evening when the woman died, during our Ayahausca ceremony, the dogs were barking for hours before it happened, they were sensing the departure of her spirit. Shinzhi Rumi sensed the spirit of the deceased, he became cold and started shaking, experiencing total ego dissolution, forgetting about his name, mixing up language etc.

Now we've decided to stay for another month and do apprenticeship, dieting two plants in combination with Ayahuasca every two days. I have a feeling it's going to be very powerful.

There's an internet café 20 minutes from where we're staying, so I'll be able to stay in contact sporadically. I'm still working on my lecture/book/video, whatever form it turns out to in the end.. :)

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Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:37 pm
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Joined: Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:24 pm
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15 days went by. Felt very good..
But then a couple of days later my stomach felt very bad, and the shamans said some energy was still there that needed to be moved.. They earlier on told me it was completely healed. As well, my skin problem was not healed after the 15 days. Shinzhi Rumi´s dark spirits where still chasing him. We were getting less food, and we started to despair.

You might remember that I wrote in an earlier post that Ayahuasca told me to *finish my work* first of all. My work would be important to many people in the future, that was what I was told. Well, I listened, but I didn´t do what I was being told right away, I took this detour to Pucallpa and the shamans there... I received another strong message which I believe was meant to get me back on the right track..

One day, I left my notebook on the kitchen table. Shinzhi Rumi and his mother were present and saw me do this.
This notebook contains two months of work with my lecture/book about the Volkswagen Beetle. I always guard it like a hawk. I write in books, wise from the experience of big digital data losses earlier on in my life..
I retreat into the hut for a short while, and later return to the kitchen, maybe 10 minutes passes between. The book is now gone.
The whole village goes bananas to help me to find the book. They look everywhere, ask the children, we even suspect the monkey "Mono Loco", but he turns out to be innocent.. That idea that anyone of the people working there in the kitchen to feed us would have taken the book I found seriously strange, they have no interest in doing that. They seem very worried that I would suspect them too, and does everything to help out. I tell them not to worry.
They clean our room in the small hut, and put everything in neat piles in there.. We inspect it one more time, but the book is still gone..
Decide to stop thinking about it, and to pray for it to return. The disappearance defies logical explanation, I get a feeling that it´s spiritual in nature. I remember that I´ve not obeyed what I was told in visions by the Ayahuasca earlier on, and it´s not the first time materialization happens in connection to Ayahuasca for me.

Add to this story the following:
During our first 15 day stay, two people died, neighbors of our shaman. The woman died on a Friday, during our Ayahuasca ceremony.

The same day as my book disappear, a guy with one eye shows up. He tells a story that he was in an Ayahuasca ceremony, on the same Friday as the woman died, and during *his* ceremony, a guy who was participating in the ceremony died.. Shinzhi Rumi sense the presence of death within him and arranges a limpieza (cleaning of his energy body).. I sense *something* peculiar about this guy too, but my intuition is not as well tuned as Shinzhi Rumi´s. I´ve discovered that he´s the one who´s going to walk the path of the shaman and my own way seems to be different.
In some ways I´m glad I don´t have to go through all the hell he has to go through, constantly battling against dark forces.. In my case, someone else seem to be taking care of that for me, I just walk my walk and talk my talk, and in some way I seem to make it alive, and have a great time getting there. :-D
the-fool.jpg [ 373.94 KiB | Viewed 7127 times ]

When the man with the one eye walks down the main street of the small village, hundreds of birds suddenly go crazy, screaming eerily. It´s like being in the middle of a bad horror movie. "Behind the scenes", even more is going on, meaning that we could go deeper, but I´ve been asked not to mention anything on the forum about the specific issue, so I wont. But just for you to get the picture of amount of events that happen at once, I´m mentioning that there's more...
All this on one day. I go and tell Shinzhi Rumi that I´m leaving the day after. He advice me to take it chill, not get into a panic, he wants to stay around and see how things change from there.. I realize I´m quite scared, so I take my act together, and leave without a trace the next morning.

When I woke up the morning after all the events, the notebook was right there, next to my bed! I said thank you to the great spirit for getting me my notebook back. There was no possibility that we would have missed seeing it were it was laying, in the open. Somehow it made its way back during the night.

Shinzhi Rumi's still there with the shamans, and I´ve moved on, I think it was time we went different directions. Even though our paths are intertwined in a deep friendship based on unique experiences not many people have been through, I feel that a lot of what we´ve been facing lately, is his stuff to work on, and that my path is a little bit lighter to walk. I think we might see each other later on. I have a lot of healing to do, so my work with the Medicine is far from over and he´s been very helpful to have by my side.

Now I´m going to a quiet place in the mountains, getting some wireless Internet, so that I can finish my writing without needing to be bothered by the "common people" too much. God that sounds elitistic, but you all know that it´s true. :-).
I know exactly where to go, just need to take care of some practical stuff here in Lima first of all. Writing this from a hotel room with wi-fi, kind of missed having that in the jungle. :) Lima is still fucked up and is covered by fog 9 months/year. Lots of suites on the streets, mixed with beggars and killers. It´s in the eyes of so many people, the hate and the lack of compassion. Many of these people will be ready to take up arms for "their country".. I´m not sure who´s country this is, but I´m quite sure that the indigenous groups would like to have a say about that, but the mestizos haven't asked them, they just take it for granted that they're entitled to rape this country of its resources.. Well, of course, there are good mestizos around too, that are interested in their own history, and wants to make a change. I was shown that in Pucallpa, after leaving the shamans.
But in general, the level of awareness has to be raised a lot in this country, as well.. There are no paradises left on this planet.

My taxi driver made a "great joke" while taking me to the embassy today.. There was a black man driving the car to the left of us. The driver said "Mono" (Monkey), and laughed loudly at his own joke. I laughed too, but mainly at his ignorance, but he didn´t realize THAT was the reason of me laughing.. :)
Maybe this was a way of the Universe to remind me about "Monkey King" Obama?

Enough for now, time for me to do some work, and I´ll update you about next step of this journey later. Thanks for reading this long post. :)

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Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:51 pm
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